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Kyle Daly Case Study: Latin America and the Catholic Church Humn 410 What did some reform-minded Catholics in Nicaragua hope that the pope might do during his visit to that country? What position did the pope eventually make clear to the Nicaraguan priests? Why were some Nicaraguan Catholics disappointed with the pope’s position on political action? What did they, correctly as it proved, fear might happen after the pope’s visit? In looking at the Pope John Paul II visit to Nicaragua back in 1983. The catholic people that wanted to reform Nicaragua into a more peaceful place: where left to be disappointed after the Pope’s visit. This is because the Pope did not talk about what the people of Nicaragua was going through back then in their war torn land. The pope made it clear that he was not going to speak about the true problems or offer any hope to the people that lived in Nicaragua at that time in 1983. The catholic people were not asking for much from the pope just a little prayer about the
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