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Discussion Week 4 Humns How did the Cold War affect the political and social climate in the United States during the 1950s? In particular, how do you explain McCarthyism and the Red Scare? Can you think of any parallels to these events in today’s society? Elaborate. I think when you look back at history in the 1950; the country was worried about the spread of communism talking over the world and the United States. The government was so worried that even you agreed in some of the communist ideas. That the person with those beliefs was anti American and was Russian spy’s trying to talk over the United States. In today’s society I think the government uses terrorism in the same way as communism. I think that there is a small fraction of people that want to do harm to the United States, that live in the United States. The government finds ways to make sure people our more worried about another
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Unformatted text preview: terrorist attack instead of worrying about jobs, lack of education in this country, running into debt and not raising taxes. I find that in today’s politics that the Republicans and the Democrat’s no longer represent that majority of the citizens they server. You can see that in every election if the candidate’s that gets the majority of the independent voters in a big election year are going to win the election. Compare and contrast the goals and the tactics of Dr. Martin Luther King with those of Malcolm X in effecting change in America in the 1960s. Whose tactics were, ultimately, more successful? Elaborate. f( txtIncrementHour.Text == "" ) { rtbOutput.Text = "Error. Input required."; } else { short hours = short.Parse(txtIncrementHour.Text); time.incrementHour(hours); rtbOutput.Text = time.DisplayTime(); }...
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