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Discussion Week7 Humn410

Discussion Week7 Humn410 - Discussion Week7 Humn410 Discuss...

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Discussion Week7 Humn410 Discuss how you see the "war on terrorism" as of this date. Do you think the United States should be engaged in such a war? Give reasons for or against this "war" and whether or not we are giving up our own principles to wage this war. I think that war on terrorism is just like the war on drugs because any time you have a war on one something you cannot stop is pretty much a hard thing to win. The reason you cannot stop terrorism is because there are people in these world that want to hurt other people because they are jealous of the way one person lives compared to the way they live. The only thing you can do is look for the signs of a terrorist act is being planned. Then also one thing is every government agency needs to be on the same page. There were a number of signs that September 11 was going to happen and one the government agencies were not on the same page or did not have the balls to stand up and stop it. As we fight in Afghanistan against the Taliban it does not look like
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