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Doc1 - 0\MnXP Lab SEfldCtll'Alt'DEl Refresh ScreenShot...

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Unformatted text preview: 0 \MnXP Lab SEfldCtll'Alt'DEl Refresh ScreenShot Help ‘%@E¢@@G I.- My Cumpuler FilE Edit VIEW Favurites Time Remaining: [Ifl:2?:fl§ Tuuls Heie cfiatk v 0 I} pfiearth [EFuldevs .- Addtess a My Cumputer Syslem Tasks new system infurmatiun E Add or rerntive pmgvams B- cnange a setting Other Places Q My Network Places My Dummenls 3- Control Panel Details My computer System Folder Hard Disk Drives S; Lutal DEMO) Devices with Remnvahle Storage 392 Floppy (m) Netwurk Drives were (0:) Vle Arrange Icons Ev Refresh Paste Pests Snortml Undo Rename Ctrl+Z PrDDemes ...
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