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DNA research - identified by their unique DNA pattern or...

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Kyle Daly Humm 410 Research Topic Looking at historical events to do research on that has happen since 1945, I decided to do my research paper on DNA fingerprinting. I think this topic has played a significant role in a number of things that many people do not understand, such as what DNA fingerprinting is. Since the discovery of DNA fingerprinting, a number of new treatments and a better understanding of human traits and/or diseases that the human population has suffered from in the past. With the discovery and development of DNA fingerprinting, it has been found that people can be
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Unformatted text preview: identified by their unique DNA pattern or fingerprint. The first person to discover the DNA fingerprint was Alec Jeffery in 1986 in England. This discovery of DNA fingerprinting has changed the way law enforcement has solved crimes through forensic science. This finding also has helped identify the victims and perpetrators at a crime scene. With DNA fingerprinting there have been many more discoveries that have helped the human population in many different positive ways....
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