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Guidelines for Selection and Defense of Research Topic This is a relatively small assignment at only 20 points but it’s still important! For this assignment you need to tell me about your topic and then defend your choice. Remember that this must be an event that occurred between 1945 and 2008 and had both positive and/or negative consequences. The final paper must be between 8 and 10 pages so you’ll also want to choose a topic that you can find enough information on. The grading will break down as follows. 5 points for selecting an appropriate topic. Your topic must be within the guidelines stated above and it must be a real historical event. I may have suggestions for you on how to refine or improve your topic, but you must have at least a good starting point. All you really need is one or two
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Unformatted text preview: sentences. 10 point for defense of topic. Now that you’ve selected your topic, you must tell me why it’s a good one. You don’t need a lot of extremely detailed information, but you do need at least a basic idea of what this event is and why it’s important. A paragraph should do it. (Remember a paragraph is 5-6 sentences total, not one or two.) 5 points for spelling and grammar. This is a college level class so everything you turn in should be properly written! Make sure you at least spell check this before you turn it in. You should always be proof reading your work! This should help you get started on your final paper! Please let me know if you have any questions!...
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