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Discussion Week 1 Humm

Discussion Week 1 Humm - Discussion Week 1 Humm The...

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Discussion Week 1 Humm. The American Historical Association defines history as "the never-ending process whereby people seek to understand the past and its meaning." Do you think everyone seeks to understand the past and its meaning? Why is this so important to some people? Elaborate I find that not everybody seeks to understand the past and meaning because if they did they would not be some much conflict into today’s society here in the United States and in the World. I find that in a world we live into you can make a lot of comparisons to what has happen in the world some many times before. It is just happening to different people, if a person or country does not learn for their past, they are doomed to repeat the past. For example when you look at the history of the United States is a very young country Compare to the rest of the world. When the four fathers wrote the declaration of Independence and stated that all men are created equal. I find that sort of funny because were not this same men slave
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  • Spring '11
  • stark
  • United States Declaration of Independence, Michael Parenti, American Historical Association, Western industrial powers

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