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Discussion Week 6 CIS 246

Discussion Week 6 CIS 246 - What use do you think is most...

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Discussion Week 6 CIS 246 Discuss security measures that you see in everyday life that you could adopt in a network environment. You can also include security implementations of places you have worked. Working at the University of Phoenix Stadium the security we used is id badges and passwords to clock in and out. For the actual network security it is just WEP and we have IBA badges that we scan in and out of the building. At my parents houses we do not have any security on are wireless network because my parents are forgetful and would have to remember a password. One thing to keep your network secure is to use the bit locker this work good if you so not lose the security key. At my old job at the semiconductor business when had to use passwords and user logins to get into the network system. Depending on the position your job was you could have different access to ordering parts and writing logs. Search the Internet for other uses for Linux servers and discuss the uses.
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Unformatted text preview: What use do you think is most popular? I would say that Ubuntu is the most popular or the Fedora Cora. I like the Ubuntu myself because it is easier to set up and use. Then the Fedora Cora, I really did not like because probably more that being a new user was not as straight forward as the Ubuntu. I prefer to use Windows just because of the knowledge I have already about that operating system. Since taking these CIS class at DeVry my knowledge of Linux has grown and at first they were really a challenge to run Linux. Now I find it more enjoyable to use Ubuntu if I had my choice before running windows operating system. I find it very interesting if you have windows 7 and use the Windows XP mode, it is trying to use the virtual desktop, like one that is used in a Linux operating system. Reference Dean, T. (2006). Network+ Guide to Networks Fourth Edition. Boston: Course Technology....
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