Disscussion Week 7 CIS246

Disscussion Week 7 CIS246 - with Cisco. Below is a website...

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Discussion Week 7 CIS246 Find WAN organizations (ISPs) that will connect you to the Internet or connect your offices. What services to they offer? What costs are involved? WAN organization offer back Data Storage and they are optimized to retrieve data at an effective speed. The Storage of the Data depends on how much Data you need stored, if it is a small business of less than 5 people you probably could get away with have data storage of 100 GB. For a small campus depending on what company you want to go with help you save money on costs. Nortel offers a total CAPEX for $27,160.00 will the same package would cost $45,960.00
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Unformatted text preview: with Cisco. Below is a website that compares the two WAN. http://bradreese.com/nortel-vs-cisco-lan-wan-infrastructure.pdf What are some ways you could integrate Linux servers into a Windows network to share information? What would be the advantages and disadvantages? Feel free to get into the details of Samba, which is covered in the lab. Are there any other products out there? You can get creative on this one? You could offer scenarios for ftp, Web, or even telnet....
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