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Kyle Daly Ilab Week 7 CIS 246 Configuring NFS In this lab, both servers are configured in the same way. RedHat8-1 is going to be the server and RedHat-2 is going to be the client. Launch the “Linux + Linux ” environment. Your objective is to share the /tmp directory on the server On the client, you will create a directory called /loctmp which will correspond to /tmp on the server. The following assumes that the server is at Naturally, change it to your own. On the server (RedHat8-1) , open a terminal window and type ifconfig to find the IP address. Use the IP address that begins with: 192.168. Click the Red Hat, point to Server Settings, then click NFS Server Click Add For the Directory, type: /tmp For the Hosts, we want everyone on our subnet to be able to access it. Whatever your IP address is, replace the last number with a zero. In the case of, you would type:
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Unformatted text preview: Click the Read/Write option button Click the User Access tab and select Treat remote root user as local root Click OK Click Apply A message will appear asking whether you want to start the NFS server. Yes, you want to start it. From the client (RedHat8-2), open a terminal window. Create a directory called /loctmp by typing: mkdir /loctmp In the following statement remember to use the IP address of your server (RedHat8-1) Also, after the showmount and a space, there are two dashes. showmount - -exports You should get a response back concerning the /tmp directory To associate the /loctmp directory with the NFS directory called /tmp on, type: mount /loctmp To display the contents, type: ls /loctmp Version 1.3 07.08.2003 You are now actually seeing the contents of /tmp on RedHat8-1 Include a print-screen of the result. Version 1.3 07.08.2003...
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ILab_Week7_NFS - Click the Read/Write option button Click...

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