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Lab #: 2 Lab Title: Red Hat Linux Installation Student Name: Kyle Daly Date: 2/27/11 Watch the video and answer the following questions 1. How do you start the installation, once you boot off of the CD? You press the enter key. 2. Although we pick the server installation type, what other types of installations are there? There is the language and other configurations. There is a mouse configuration that is best to left alone. 3. What are the names of the partitions that Red Hat automatically creates? The partition names are boot, /usr, /home, /and /var, along with the swap partition. 4. By default DHCP is used. What do you have to do to enter a static IP address? You have to manually configure the firewall or use a separate firewall device.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What is the name of the user account that gives the user full access to Linux? The name root gives the user a full access account to Linux. 6. Which desktop environment was installed? KDE desktop environment was installed. 7. What other desktop environments are available? You can choose an X Window System or a GNOME Desktop are the other options. 8. How many CDs were involved in the installation? There are two CD Disks involved in the installation on the video. Experimental Lab Student Report 9. Why does the installation request a floppy disk? You want to have a boot floppy for a back disk. Just in case the bootloader malfunctions....
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lab2linuxinstall - 5 What is the name of the user account...

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