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biopsychosocial model - symptoms of diabetes but my blood...

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Running head: BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL MODEL TO HEALTH 1 Biopsychosocial Model to Health Natalia Soto HCA/250 June 15, 2011 Bobbie LeBlanc
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BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL MODEL TO HEALTH 2 Biopsychosocial Model to Health In my life time so far I have not been sick with any diseases and I am grateful for that. I do regularly get a yearly physical done just to control my risk of diabetes. Diabetes run in my family, mostly all of the older generation has diabetes such as my father and some of his sisters and brothers. Recently my cousin who is 31 years old was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and that had me a little scared. I went to the doctors and she suggested me to watch what I eat which my father does very well. I get really nervous in the morning and feel like I am going to faint if I do not eat anything till lunch time and it gets me very sick. I thought these were the signs and
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Unformatted text preview: symptoms of diabetes but my blood test came back normal. There is also another disease that is very dangerous that runs in my family, that disease is cancer. My grandmother passed away and several others with this disease. My dad was diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago and is a survivor now. This makes me really scared because it can happen to me. I spoke with my doctor about this situation just to get some feedback on what should I do to prevent this. I was told that if it runs in my family that I should just be cautious and know the symptoms of the disease. If it is caught in time like it was caught for my father then there are possibilities that I can be a survivor too. Things can happen to a person who is very healthy and not know that something is wrong. Any symptom can be something very serious that needs attention from a doctor....
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biopsychosocial model - symptoms of diabetes but my blood...

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