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Unit Four Assignment 1 Running Head: UNIT FOUR ASSIGNMENT Unit Four Assignment IT 273 Darlene Sage Kaplan University
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Unit Four Assignment 2 Unit Four Assignment 1. a) Bus. b) Serial. c) 100 Mbps. d) Switching. e) CSMA/CD (Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection) 2. Network Proposal for Small Office and Lab I would propose a Star-Wired bus topology for this small office and lab. The reason for this is that it will be easier to add more computers if they need to do so. It is also easier to troubleshoot any problems that arise. A Star topology connects each computer to a node or device such as a switch, router, hub or even a server instead of connecting computer to computer as in a Bus topology. A Star-wired Bus topology uses Ethernet and can be segmented into smaller groups as an office grows. In the main office area, there would be five computers connected to a switch. There would also be a printer connected to the same switch so each computer has access to the printer and each other through the switch. I would suggest using one of the various Windows Server Operating Systems such as Windows 7 for this small network. In the lab there would be two computers that operate various lab tools that would be connected to the switch in the main office
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darlenesage_homework_unit4_IT273 - Unit Four Assignment...

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