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celebrity and fame xiang lin paper3

celebrity and fame xiang lin paper3 - Xiang Lin Eng-121...

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Xiang Lin Eng-121 Paper3 Charles Spencer Chaplin and William Hung Whether people achieved fame in art, athletics, and politic in history, it was necessary to have at least some modicum of skill. For example, Charles Spencer Chaplin, who is one of the most original creators in the history of the cinema, obtained fame because of his remarkable talent and achievements. However, nowadays, due to the mass media, celebrities become more immediate and instantaneous than ever before (Mic Mell). People can be easily well known, and celebrities are everywhere such as William Hung, who became famous by performing tone-deaf song and clumsy dance in a televised audition for the talent show American Idol. Therefore, the notion of celebrity, as well as the types of people termed “celebrities,” has evolved greatly throughout the ages. The entry level of celebrity is diminishing, and the function of celebrity become less and less. William Hung, who was born in Hong Kong in 1983, moved with his family to California when he was eleven years old. Hung was an engineering student at the University of California-Berkely. Hung auditioned in 2003 for American Idol, performing Ricky Martin's "She Bangs". His performance was greeted with predictable sneers from resident curmudgeon Simon Cowell, motherly support from Paula Abdul, and stifled laughter from Randy Jackson (William Hung, Starpulse). Being told that he would not pass to next round, Hung replied, "I already gave my best, and I have no regrets at all." His charm and hyper-positive attitude immediately gave him a cult following and mainstream popularity that exceeded
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most of the winners of American Idol. After He was dropped from the contest, a wave of articles, fan- mail and petitions are called to bring Hung back to the show, even a guest commentator. Then, he began to perform "She Bangs" at Cal events, then on TV talk shows and even in concerts nationwide, often with a backing chorus of dancing girls. At a volleyball game at his alma mater, he received a recording contract from Koch Entertainment. His first album, Inspiration, was released in April of 2004 and broke the Top 40 album sales chart. Six months later, his second album, Hung for the Holidays, was issued to celebrate the holiday. Then, a record of summer anthems called Miracle was released in 2005. Until today, Hung continued to tour relentlessly, performing at shopping malls, charity events, half-time at sporting events, and anywhere else his agents see fit to book him, proving once and for all that the American dream (William Hung Wikipedia) William Hung is an example of American spirit and tenacity, someone who can turn his weaknesses into an inexplicable strength that won over the hearts of millions of viewers. Meanwhile, William Hung is also a perfect example of instant and inadvertent celebrity. The mass media in our society accelerated his popularity and shortened his journey to be a celebrity. For example, A William Hung fan site, set up by realtor Don Chin and his wife Laura, recorded over four million hits within its
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celebrity and fame xiang lin paper3 - Xiang Lin Eng-121...

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