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college essay - When I was a child, one of my dreams was...

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When I was a child, one of my dreams was being a college student. My relatives always loved to ask me about the reason because every time I would answer them immediately with my naïve tongue, “College means better life which I will be able to buy more candies.” Indeed, my parent only taught me that a college degree will improve my family’s living condition, but candies were my whole life at that time. After I became a high school student, my eager and desire of getting a college degree has never been that strong because of my grandfather. My family lived in a very small town in Fujian, China. There were only five students from my hometown upgraded into high school in that year. Luckily, I was one of them, and I still remembered my grandfather cooked a whole table dishes to celebrate my achievement. As one of the very few senior citizens who were educated in my hometown, my grandfather was the person who encouraged me to study hard and reminded me how importance the education is. Having lived with him for twenty years, I could easily imagine and strongly feel his jealous impression and face when he heard his friends’ grandson get into an elite college. Therefore, I was not a little child who only wanted candy but a teenager who decided to be a person whom my family would be proud of. And now, after three years studying at Middlesex county college, I learned a lot about college and life from an ESL student to an associate degree holder. College is not the end of my dream but another start of my new and bigger dream. Because I found out that business is the
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college essay - When I was a child, one of my dreams was...

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