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evaluating source exercise

evaluating source exercise - 6 What kind of article is it...

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Xiang Lin ENG-122 12/08/10 First article: 1. Title of the article (or chapter or essay), author's name, & date of publication. Title: group size effects in conformity Author: David J. Stang Date: 1976 2. Title of the journal, magazine, book, or Website where the article was first published. The journal of social psychology 3. How do you know this is a reliable source of valid information? What are the author's credentials or place of publication or other information that tells you this? This article published in the journal of social Psychology which is a monthly psychology journal published by Routledge 4. Is this a Scholarly article or one in the Substantive News/General Interest category – as defined by Cornell’s Olin Library? What facts tell you this? This is a scholarly article. It has summary in the beginning, and author affiliations on the bottom. It also contains bibliography. 5. Length (total number of pages)
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What kind of article is it -- an argument for a particular point of view, a review of a book, an explanation of the author's theory, a brief history of an issue, a report on an experiment, or something else? This is a report on an experiment. 7. What is the article's purpose or emphasis -- or the author's thesis? Conformity is an increasing concave downward function of the numerosity of a unanimous influence source. The author is trying to find out the relationship between group size and conformity. Second article 1. Title: the battle against fascist conformity Author: Michael Smith Date: 03/05/2007 2. Washington Times, the(DC). 3. The Washington Times is a dairy newspaper 4. It is the substantive news. It does not have bibliography and abstract. 5. 3 pages 6. It is an argument for a particular point of view 7. German home-schoolers are facing conformity required by government....
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