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group project part3 - Part 3 Group project Through this...

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Part 3 Group project Through this interview, we learned that Mr. McAvinue’s well organized and effective company is a result of his democratic leadership style. According to the textbook, “Democratic leadership believes in getting their subordinates involved in decision making which also mean these based upon mutual respect among colleagues regardless of designated positions.” Mr. McAvinue told us that respect to each other is essential to his management because he believes respect generate respect. Meanwhile, he encourages everyone to contribute skills and talents so that more work of higher quality gets done, and he creates opportunities for them to grow and develop. Through working together, it creates a team of individually powerful and dynamic peers. Second, we learned that great managers always encourage and motivate their colleagues. They involve people in planning to succeed the organization’s vision. This gives the team a sense of control and doing their parts. Mr. McAvinue has meeting with different levels of employees in weekly and monthly basis in order to help them understanding the importance of their job. In addition, a good manager welcomes suggestions and feedback and is open to new ideas. During our interview, Mr. McAvinue even asked how we feel about his office environment and his team. Therefore, we can conclude that he is an open-minded manager who encourages and value
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group project part3 - Part 3 Group project Through this...

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