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Once upon a time - Once upon a time, it took actual talent...

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Once upon a time, it took actual talent to become a celebrity in America. Whether you achieved fame in arts and letters, athletics, or politics, it was necessary to have at least some modicum of skill. But now, thanks to cable television and the Internet, there is an endless appetite for content, and the public becomes so curious about celebrities’ privacy. As a result, there are many wide range ways to become a celebrity. Today, everyone has the chance to be well know and popular through mass media. However, the definition of celebrity or fame has been different from several decades ago. Now, a celebrity is someone who is widely knows, and fame is defined by honor and acclaim. The celebrity system we have today is like a sick person who needs instant medicines. Many celebrities become famous by mass media, which will not last longer; even worse, they may not have any contribution to the society. They just want to be famous and enjoy the feeling under the limelight. Therefore, in my opinion, a celebrity, who has real
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