When I was a high school student

When I was a high school student - Xiang Lin Eng-121 The...

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Xiang Lin Eng-121 The Advantages of True Brand Loyalty When I was a high school student, the biggest brand I could ever think about was Nike. At that time, anyone of my friends who luckily had a pair of Nike shoes would become the star in our friend circle. All of us, who extremely jealous on him, could not control ourselves to dream about the day when we would also have one. Finally, my little naïve dream have came true after I begged my parent for thousand times. This was my first time encounter brand. This was my first time had the eager to occupy a branded product. So could I conclude that I have brand loyalty with Nike because I want it? The answer is no as my motivations and eager to have Nike were not directly from the brand itself. The vanity was the reason because I just wanted to be unique and cool. Then, what is brand loyalty? According to Bloemer and Kasper, brand loyalty implies that consumers bind themselves to products or services as a result of a deep-seated commitment which motivate consumers to continue purchasing and supporting the brand(nissim). However, in reality, many people misunderstand brand loyalty in many situations. First, we have to make the distinction between frequently purchasing behavior and brand loyalty. Repeat purchasing behavior is the actual keep buying a brand. Brand loyalty also includes that behavior’s antecedents. This means the reason or fact occurring before the behavior. For example, there is a Gulf gas station at the end of my street. I probably go to that gas station 95% of the time I get gas in town. I'm actually indifferent about the place and have had more than one bad experience there. But I
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still go there because it is convenient. I have never care about the quality and price of the gas before I buy that. Therefore, frequently buying a brand does not mean equal to brand loyalty. Second, when someone is force to buy a brand because of culture requirements, this behavior also is not brand loyalty even he or she has bought this product for many years. For instance, in Chinese culture, people should use special wine as beverage during the spring festival season. But this wine was
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When I was a high school student - Xiang Lin Eng-121 The...

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