Globalization - manageable. Then consider work environments...

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Globalization Michelle Nolan March 19, 2011 There are many issues that can arise from Globalization. When one gets to thinking about what Globalization means you begin to think of things universally. Webster defines globalization as, “to make worldwide in scope or application (2011).” This is when someone takes an act or a company and makes it universal. So when I think about globalization there are many concerns. First and foremost every country is not the same. Things that are ok in the United States are not necessarily ok in other countries. So you immediately run into the barrier of is what is being done actually ethical in the country that is implementing it? What are their laws? What is offensive to that culture? These are all things that will need to be addressed to keep ethics
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Unformatted text preview: manageable. Then consider work environments (Trevino & Nelson, 2007). There are sweat shops in other countries. These people work for hours on end. They also work for pennies. So here are two more considerations. You are paying higher prices and they can not work hours on end. This is far from ethical in the United States. So when you look at globalization, you are then looking at paying a higher price for labor and set hours to keep the standards from being criticized. Reference: Encyclopedia Britannica. (2011). Webster Dictionary . Retrieved from Trevino, L. & Nelson K. (2007). Managing business ethics: Straight talk about how to do it right. Hoboken: Wiley....
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Globalization - manageable. Then consider work environments...

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