Hiring Ethics - Hiring Ethics Michelle Nolan February 19,...

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Unformatted text preview: Hiring Ethics Michelle Nolan February 19, 2011 Hiring a new employee is always a tough task. You want to make sure that who you are hiring is good for the position and is also good for the team that you are trying to create. The hiring process itself can create a million dilemmas in itself. When you make the decision to hire a new employee the failure or success of that person often rides on you as the manager. It is a tough process that often happens very quickly. I mean in essence you are making a decision about a person based often times on a 30-45 minute talk with that person! There is a lot that comes back to that one conversation. Success and Failure. How did I miss that, or man did I do a great job this time? So how do you decide? I know that for me hiring is stressful and to be honest it is something that I never look forward to! Our text states, A managers most important responsibility is to bring good people into the organization and then manage in a way that makes those good people want to stay (Trevino and Nelson, 2007). It is so true when it comes to management! People come and people go, but the good ones are hard to keep! I definitely think that it starts in the interview. There is so much that needs to be discussed. There are some things that you can not discuss. You want to interview everyone fairly but you can not discriminate against anyone. And it is frustrating that sometimes good people are not the ones that you hire! It is a process that is very touch and go!...
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Hiring Ethics - Hiring Ethics Michelle Nolan February 19,...

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