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Capstone Question Michelle Nolan March 24, 2011 The assignment that I found the most enlightening was being able to track my eating and exercise habits in the personal tracker. I believe that I will continue to use the personal tracker through out life. It is simple to use and it is very helpful in making sure that I am able to track what I eat so that I can make sure that I am getting what I need in the way of nutrition. I know that it has helped me thus far be able to maintain my blood sugars and keep from taking my blood pressure medication. Not to further mention that I have been able to lose weight in the process. This particular tracking has totally changed my life. The nutrition class in general has been very helpful to me. I have an understanding that I never had before of different consequences of obesity.
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Unformatted text preview: While I knew that I was overweight I did not know that I was actually obese by the standards. On my last visit to the doctor I was able to go in with an understanding of the things that he was saying. He asked as well what I had been doing to track my progress and I was able to share my tips. It was very refreshing to be told that I was doing a good job and that my blood levels were back to semi normal. It has been great to be able to also have a little more control over my hormones since my hysterectomy. So this has been a life changing class for me! I will continue my studies on nutrition on my own and I am actually excited to be able to work on the 30 day plan that I will be able to follow!...
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