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Exercise - I think that if I had a schedule that I am the...

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Exercise Michelle Nolan March 5, 2011 I was actually very encouraged when I plugged my numbers and my activites into the tracker. I was not sure how well it would work. When you use it though and you can visually see the calories expended it makes you want to work out! My average score was a 92 which is not bad but I would love to see it at 100! According to the tracker I was able to burn 1786 calories! That is a lot in 3 days! I need to be exercising more! I think that in order to really make this work well I need to create a better schedule. I need to try to really stick to it!
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Unformatted text preview: I think that if I had a schedule that I am the kind of person that could make the time for everything. I need a better balance between work, school, my kids and exercising. I think that the best exercise for me is walking. It is stress relieving and good for my body. I do not have the knees for anything high impact so that is good because it does not cause a lot of pain. I think that if I could do it 4 days a week that is reasonable. I live in Florida so I can pretty much walk year round, but I could join a gym or get a treadmill in order to do it year round....
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