Proteins - that declines to 11 percent by 2-3 years of age...

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Proteins Michelle Nolan February 18, 2011 Proteins of Children Compared to Adults: This article was of particular interest. The information obtained is eye opening in the way that humans should eat from birth to adulthood. It is particularly interesting when talking about young children. Mothers are often so quick to follow the baby guidelines but are quick to stray to what a child seems to like. Often, mothers feed them cereal and fruits because that is what is pleasing to the baby. While cereals provide fiber and fruits provide the sweet they like with a few vitamins and minerals, where are they getting the protein? Just exactly how much do they need? It is no secret that there is protein in all cells. What’s surprising is that “Of the protein requirement, 50 percent is used for growth in the first two months of life, a figure
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Unformatted text preview: that declines to 11 percent by 2-3 years of age (Infant Nutrition, 2004,para 3). This just goes to show why it is so important for young children. It is needed for proper growth. Protein is an essential part of life from childhood and up. As we get older we need the protein to help maintain muscle mass. Adults need it for overall good health. Proteins help build the immune system. It is said that the amount of protein in a diet should be .5 grams per pound of weight. If everyone paid attention to that the general health of people may be better than what they are just too! Reference: "Infant Nutrition." Nutrition and Well-being A-Z. Ed. Delores C.S. James. New York: MacMillan Reference USA, 2004. 2 vols....
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Proteins - that declines to 11 percent by 2-3 years of age...

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