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Trendy Communication Michelle Nolan April 7, 2011 I believe that companies are using the newest technologies effectively. I do however also know that there are companies out there that are still in the stone-age. I think that one of the most effective ways of communications within a business is the option of an intranet. I think that it is effective in a few ways. I know that in businesses there is a lot of money that goes to employees who are unproductive. There is so much time wasted on Facebook and web surfing. The intranet is a way to allow employees to communicate without the distraction of outside web sources. I think that the capability to only allow certain websites on computers within a place of employment is another plus. When web access is needed the blocking function saves money in a lot of ways.
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Unformatted text preview: Employees do not get distracted and it lowers the risk for viral downloads. I know that with my company they keep up on the latest and greatest. We use the Apple Ipad. It is so nice. We can access information that we need anywhere and at anytime. They are light and they are not bulky. They are great to have when we are in an appointment to access rates that we need to quote and locations that we need to send clients to. My last job however was not one to give you the resources that you need. It created delays and loss of business. When I am in an appointment I need to be able to give immediate answers. People do not like to wait. So being able to answer them immediately also makes the company money, which is why we are here anyway. So the capability of trendy communication is a win for everyone!...
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