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Technological Advancements in Communication

Technological Advancements in Communication - Two...

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Technological Advancements in Communication Michelle Nolan April 19, 2011 Most of the advancements in communication were all there to make lives easier. For the FAA it saved managers money and the auditor’s time. Lets be realistic, time is money. It also seemed as though the key point of focus was collaboration. Finding ways everyone can work together to save each and every one of them time and money. When people can look at something collaboratively then it makes it easier for everyone. If there is one person who has already done the research then there is no need for someone else to do that. It is the whole strategy behind the wiki revolution. It is an option open to everyone who wants to post and one where anyone can research. It is collaborative.
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Unformatted text preview: Two communication types used in my job are eye contact, which is non verbal communication, and tone of voice, which is verbal communication. The obvious difference is one is spoken and one is not. Both of these however, say so much. Eye contact is super important in my job. My clients need to see me making eye contact with them so they understand I am listening and focused on what they are saying. Tone of voice is also so very important in sales so the client fully understands bottom lines, where I am coming from, and that I take their fiancés very serious. These advancements do not follow traditional business communication. There is no eye contact in blogging or emails. Tone however does carry over even though it is written and not spoken....
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