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Steps in Business Writing 1. Plan a. Plan out what the topics will be b. Plan out the format for writing it 2. Brain Storming a. Think about topics b. Think about the research c. Think about Resources 3. Gather Information a. Research the topic b. Consider all sources of information 4. Begin a rough draft a. Organize the information in a logical way b. Make sure that all info flows and makes sense 5. Edit a. Make sure that spelling is correct b. Re-read it and make sure that the information flows as a reader
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Unformatted text preview: c. Make sure that it begins stating what it is about d. Make sure that it ends strong and all ties together and that the last paragraph sums up what was stated in the beginning 6. Get Another Opinion a. Have another party read b. Take critism and apply where needed 7. Edit and Proof a. Make sure that the final product is strong b. Edit one last time to ensure that there is no grammar or spelling issues 8. Send or Submit final work-up...
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