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Privacy Checkpoint Michelle Nolan May 24, 2011 Should privacy laws be legal for a company? Is it really any of the employers business what is being said as long as an employee is doing their job? The debates go back and forth, but the bottom line is no! If an employee is doing the job at hand and the company is making money then what is the concern. Until there is a concern of illegal activities or until there is a notion of something unethical occurring there is no need to monitor every action of an employee! There is so much cost involved in monitoring. There is the staff that must monitor it all and spend the time checking through employees
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Unformatted text preview: every move and email and phone calls. How much time and money is wasted where there is nothing going on? Does that money and time really need to be spent? If you are looking at the issue at hand it really comes down to only one thing. If an employer is going to hire someone to work for their company then there needs to be a trust factor! If an employer cant trust the people that they hire then they really have no business hiring them. There are background checks and reference checks to prevent an employer from hiring an unethical employee. If an employer cant trust the hiring practices then they need to change the policies!...
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