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Group Communications Michelle Nolan May 10, 2011 Group communication is much different than individual communications. When you are communicating with a group there is more involved in it. You have to make sure everyone is on the same page and make sure what you communicate to one person you communicate to all people. When you are communicating on an individual basis then it is just you and one other person. There is no need to make sure multiple people are informed and understand. When communicating to groups there is always a risk one person may not understand it the way everyone else did. This requires more attention and a time for questions and answers.
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Unformatted text preview: Conflict resolution within groups can be done. When there is a disagreement it is good to discuss it openly so all sides are heard and a decision can be made. It does not have to be done in front of everyone unless there is mayhem, it can be done with just the disagreeing parties. When discussing things in large groups sometimes there are those who do not feel comfortable talking in front of everyone. When it comes to this I have found breaking into smaller groups and coming up with ideas works. Then you can have one person who is comfortable deliver what was discussed in the smaller group! This has been very successful for my teams in the past....
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