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Capstone Question Michelle Nolan May 31, 2011 Learning what has been learned in this course is invaluable. Learning the correct ways to present oneself is useful in so many ways! It is valuable in the workplace and in the educational environment! Presentation is priceless. When one looks at the attributes of professional writing in the workplace the sky is the limit! One first and foremost presents the information in an educated and organized manor. When the writing is done in the correct format the reader can read at ease and obtain the information without struggling to find the point. The writer looks professional and the presentation is clear in content. It helps with interviews, resignations, office memos and emails.
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Unformatted text preview: It is concise and that is what an employer likes to see! As far as writing for education purposes it is a necessity. It can help you with papers. It can help in communication with fellow students and professors. It can help with entrance exams for continuing education. It can also assist with recommendation letters, resume preparation, and in certain cases masters and doctorate programs! It is an asset for obtaining the higher grades that one would like to obtain. In conclusion, proper writing and formatting is a skill that can and will carry a person farther in life. It is an asset that is priceless. There is so much to be said for a person who can carry themselves in person, on paper, and electronically!...
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