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egyptian paper - -1Samantha Angel IIS 129 Mid East Studies...

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-1 Samantha Angel IIS 129 Mid East Studies Paper two 2/3/2011 Shahhat Being a young adult has it positives and negatives. When you are from a large family that is very traditional, it becomes hard to become your own person. In ‘Shahhat, am Egyptian’ Shahhat faces many of the same troubles young adults face today. He has to deal with his parents and their beliefs, the power that his social economical and religious believes have over him as well as dealing with prejudice of being a young male in his society. When looking at Shahhat’s family life, he has two parents and many siblings. His mother was faced with producing a boy so that she could keep her status as a woman and wife in their culture. She broke laws to go ask an Egyptian God to help her have a son. She has lived with the guilt of this since he was born. She used to keep him dirty so that her husband would not ask questions about why she favored him. His father is a drunk
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man who is not very respected by the villagers. He hits Shahhat quite a few times in the book. Towards the middle of the book his father dies. This is very hard for anyone to lose a parent. When dealing with his parent’s beliefs, I feel like Shahhat does not know what to do. They are very traditional and when Shahhat wants to marry, a girl that they do not
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