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eng101 j1 - and I know what to write I would like to know...

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-1Angel Samantha English 101 9/28/2010 Journal #1 What would you like to learn from this class? I have always enjoyed English, but when I entered college I had a hard time. I had to take remedial English and it was very disappointing. I enjoyed both of my classes but it was still embarrassing to have to take the lower English classes. I have always wanted to learn about structure and understand. I know how to write and essay and how to do research but I would like to learn how to do it more fluently. To be able to sit down and know that the sentence I am writing is a run-on or a fragment would make me really happy. I love doing research papers, when writing them I always feel like I cant be wrong
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Unformatted text preview: and I know what to write. I would like to know if I am writing them properly and if my sources are properly cited. Also I would like to learn about why we write the way we do. I have never understood why we write in such a formal way. As well I would like to learn how to write a hook properly, whenever I try it never turns out. Lastly I need to learn how to write a conclusion properly, I understand how to mechanically how to do it but I dont understand how to make it flow. I hope to really enjoy this class and good luck with the baby!...
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