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math paper2 edited

math paper2 edited - -1 Mathematician Blaise Pascal Angel...

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-1 Mathematician- Blaise Pascal By Samantha Angel Born- June 19, 1623 France Died- August 19, 1662 France Studied- Pascal studied with his father, who was a tax collector in Rouen. He was the only boy that his father had. With his younger siblings he was home schooled. From a small age Pascal was enthralled with math doing it even when he was forbidden. He gave up his play time to learn about geometry. His father saw all he was learning and got him a copy of Euclid’s Elements. Pascal soon studied all of it and mastered its skills. Mathematical contributions- Some mathematical contributions he made were, Pascal’s Therom, Pascal’s triangle and the first mechanical calculator. Pascal’s Therom said that if you place a circle into the a hexagon then the points will make a line. He was not the first to work on the Arithmetic triangle but he was successful in creating it. This triangle uses a number pattern to add. Lastly he made the first mechanical calculator at the age of 18 then perfected it by the age of 30. The mechanical calculator he made for his father so that he
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