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movie review - are better than others because of their...

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-1 Samantha Angel Math 107 Mcavoy Movie Review Little man Tate 4/20/2011 I found this movie to be very interesting. I feel that the math geniuses are treated differently because how they know what they know is much unknown. In addition, math or science geniuses seem to not be as social as those in fine arts are. So with the fear of the unknown along with the fact that many of them have social issues it makes it hard for math geniuses to make friends unlike fine arts geniuses. Being a math genius is not socially acceptable because children are stereotyped by society to go out and do physical things. It shows that they are the fittest, which will make them survive longer. Also, this boils down to the fact that the geniuses many times have social problem and do not get along well with other children because they are not at the same mental level. Children often ostensive other children that are good at math because they do not understand the level of thinking that the math child exhibits. It depends on the person if they think they
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Unformatted text preview: are better than others because of their knowledge of math are. Sometimes when they act as if they are better than others they are just protecting themselves from the hurt they feel their peers can bring. Being good at math opens many doors in science and math, these jobs pay very well since not all people are good at math or science. In addition, it allows them to interact with people who are on their own mental level. Yes, pressures exist to do well. You can see that in ‘Little man Tate’ when ‘ kid x’ gets upset when Tate accidentally solves the problem before him. All that they have is math and in social situations, they feel the need to be the best just like a sports player or a musician. All in all being smart at any subject and inhibit the social aspects you need to succeed in life. Math is just one of many and one that is not fully understood by most people....
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movie review - are better than others because of their...

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