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-1Samantha Angel Baren IIS 129 Mid East Study Writing assignment #1 1/27/2010 The Message I found this movie very interesting. The way it was portrayed made it cinematic yet historical and educational. In the beginning it is stated that Muhammad would not be shown because of their religion says not to impersonate the profit. As odd as it is I knew this but only because of a television show I watched, I thought it was just the show making fun of the religion but I now learned that it is true. I also found it interesting that they have a claim in the beginning saying that the movie has been approved to be a true account. Another thing I learned was that Muhammad came after Jesus, I was not aware of this. I always get the times mixed up in my head, which came when, even in the bible I get the time line of many of the stories mixed up. I found interesting the gathering in the beginning; it reminds me of the movies I have seen that show markets in Jesus’s time. The offering accepted made me think of the offerings that the Greeks made to their gods. I find how much most monotheistic religions intersect to be very interesting. The use of Gabriel the Angel is the first main definite intersection I see in this film. The next one is the scene when they speak of Christ really shows how closely Islam and Christianity are related. Another is when they speak of hugging thy neighbor while in Medina; this reminds me of when we give peace in our church. You hug or shake hands with those
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around you. I was surprised to find out that they tried to bribe him not to speak of God’s words
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The Message paper - -1Samantha Angel Baren IIS 129 Mid East...

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