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Unformatted text preview: Muhammad Farhan BC100400616 07/07/11 Muhammad Farhan 1 Introduction My name is Muhammad Farhan. I am living in satellite town Rawalpindi. I am a student of BBA in Virtual University Govt. of Pakistan. I have a lot of experience in mobile and computer repairing (both hardware and software) and teaching skill for both technologies. In future I want to be a managing director of any big organization like HBL, WAPDA, PAK Steel mill or big multinational company. 07/07/11 Muhammad Farhan 2 Academic Info. Certificate Passing /Degree year Name Matric I.COM 2004 2010 Obtained Marks Major Marks/ %age Subjects Total Marks 455/850 553/1100 54% 51% Physics, chemistry, biology Accounting, banking, economics 3 07/07/11 Muhammad Farhan 55% 54% 54% 53% 53% 52% 52% 51% 51% 50% 50% matric I com Marks %age 07/07/11 Muhammad Farhan 4 Hobbies/Interests a) I want to know about world. b) Playing long tennis c) Traveling d) Net searching 07/07/11 Muhammad Farhan 5 07/07/11 Muhammad Farhan 6 ...
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