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Week 5 DQ 1 1. A significance test is used to prevent a machine from under filling or overfilling quart bottles. On the basis of a sample, the null hypothesis is rejected and the machine is shut down for inspection. A thorough examination reveals there is nothing wrong with the filling machine. From a statistical standpoint, was there a “type” error made? If yes, which type? Explain. Yes, this is TYPE I error. Since the machine was fine it throws out the hypothesis that it was the machine that was giving the problem. The null of the hypothesis was rejected. 2. Suppose that you perform a significance test regarding a population mean, and that the evidence does not warrant rejection of the null hypothesis. When formulating the conclusion to the test, why is the phrase "fail to reject the null hypothesis" more accurate than the phrase "accept the null hypothesis"? Why can the null hypothesis not be proved? Explain. They can’t prove a null hypothesis, one fail to reject the null hypothesis. A null hypothesis cannot be
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