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The tools and techniques that should be used for evaluating a decision are as follows: 1. The Pros and Cons- A simple tool used for evaluating a decision is to make a list of pros and a list of cons. Then figure out which one side makes for a better decision. 2. The Cost/Benefit Analysis- Is used for evaluating the company’s finances. 3. Decision Trees- These are excellent tools for helping to choose between several courses of action. 4. Multi-Voting- Is a technique used for making and evaluating decisions that need to be made by a group. 5. Decision Matrix- This one evaluates and prioritizes a list of options using pre-determined weighted criteria. 6. Six Thinking Hats- Helps evaluate the consequences of a decision. The process that a manager should follow to ensure that decisions are producing the intended outcome is as follows and these are the steps for that process. In order to ensure that decisions are producing the intended results, the managers need to make
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Unformatted text preview: sure that all or the majority of the steps in the decision-making process have to be carried out systematically. The decision-making process involves the following steps: 1. Define the problem. 2. Identify the limiting factors. 3. Develop potential alternatives. 4. Analyze the alternatives. 5. Select the best alternative. 6. Implement the decision. 7. Establish a control and evaluation system. The standards that I would set for evaluating the outcome of a decision is that a manager needs to monitor and track the progress to be certain that the desired results are occurring. Managers have a big responsibility in the outcome of a decision they need to continue to be hands on during this process. The need to monitor employees who are intrinsically not as concerned with the implementation risks, employee feedback, along with meetings is a very good way to accomplish this. When a decision benefits outweighs the risk then it will increase the organizational effectiveness....
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