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What decision-making style is most prevalent in your organization? My organization deals directly with our customers. The majority of our decisions are intuitive. Intuitive approach that relies on hunches and gut feelings (often called a feeling style). Intuitive types focus on possibilities and relationships between ideas. My organization interacts with our customers from the time they come in until the time they leave. We have been told to always take care of the customer, and “put your-self in their shoes”. So we do whatever needs to be done to resolve a situation and make the customer happy. The outcome of our decision-making is the best for both parties involved because the customer leaves satisfied and we keep the customer rather than losing a customer. What tools and techniques are commonly used to make decisions in your organization? As manages we use our experience and personal intuition in our decision-making process. WE also empower our employees to do the same. Good decision-making starts from the right place
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