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Week 3 DQ 2 - The internal and external stakeholders affect...

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. What decision-making model do you prefer? Why? I prefer the rational decision making model. Rational decision making is based around cognitive judgment of the pros and cons of the situation. By identifying the situation, identifying the important criteria, considering possible solutions, calculating the consequences, and choosing the best solution is the proper step for solving the problem. The rational decision making model is based on facts and selecting the most logical and sensible alternatives. How do the influences of internal and external stakeholders affect the decision-making model that best fits the situation?
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Unformatted text preview: The internal and external stakeholders affect the decision making model since there are different aspects of the situation, but they usually affect it in a positive way. The organization has to do what is best for the stakeholders. Provide an example of how stakeholder influence might dictate which decision-making model is best in a particular situation. In my organization stakeholders influence the salary managers work schedule. If our customer feedback line shows us “red” during a certain day part, then the salary managers have to work those shifts to get the day part back to “green” status....
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