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Week 1 DQ1 - standards What do the four functions have in...

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What are the four functions of management? The four managerial functions are planning, organizing, leading and controlling are all very important to the success of any manager at any organization. Planning, organizing, leading and controlling all have a very important part in achieving management goals. All four functions of management do not function well without the others. According to Bateman and Snell, “ planning is specifying the goals to be achieved and deciding in advance the appropriate actions needed to achieve those goals” (2009). Organizing is establishing the internal organizational structure of the organization. “Organizing is assembling and coordinating the human, financial, physical, informational, and other resources needed to achieve goals” (Bateman & Snell, 2009). Leading refers to stimulating people to be high performers. Controlling involves establishing performance
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Unformatted text preview: standards. What do the four functions have in common? Promoting growth, continuity, and success within the organization are all common goals of the four managerial functions. How do managers at different levels apply the four functions of management? All levels of management use the four managerial functions. The responsibility of the manager is to determine what his or her organizations goals are and how to achieve them. Top-management uses all four functions because they are responsible for the overall picture of the organization. Middle-management uses more organization and administrative types of control. Frontline-management uses more leading and control to ensure productivity. Reference: Bateman, Thomas S. & Snell, Scott A. (2009). Management: Leading & Collaborating in a Competitive World (8 th ed.)....
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