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What are some advantages of delegation? When used effectively delegating has advantages. Delegating allows managers to empower his or her employees to make decisions and increase the employee’s responsibilities. This allows managers that delegate to be able to free up some time to concentrate on other performances that might need more attention. Why do some managers choose not to delegate? Some managers might not delegate because they might not feel comfortable delegating assignments to subordinates. What has been your experience with delegation? I have no issues delegating work to others, because it makes my work load a lot easier. It also
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Unformatted text preview: builds a strong work relationship and trust. I have experienced in my workplace that when several managers are on duty and delegating to an employee and the employee tends to be confused on who to listen to and what to do first, which is a big disadvantage. What did you learn from that experience? Communication is key when delegating. You want to delegate in a way that does not come across as demanding. Delegating brings out the best in subordinates, especially when he or she wants to move p in the company....
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