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Week 4 DQ 2 - study and learn the necessary skills to...

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How has management changed due to the increased role of globalization? Management has changed to globalization by crossing global borders and cultures. The culture of workers in one country may be different than the culture of employees in another country. Managers who cross global borders have to be aware of the cultural differences in order to effectively manage the workforce. Most companies now focus on culture diversity in the workplace. Would a good leader in one country automatically be a good leader in another country? Not necessarily. A good leader in one country may be faced with a culture shock and vice versa. A great leader should be able to adjust to the new culture fairly quick. A great leader would also
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Unformatted text preview: study and learn the necessary skills to maintain their proficiency level in another country, such as language, customs, and ethics. What characteristics should a leader have to make them successful globally? Respect and knowledge are a couple of characteristics that a leader should have to be successful globally. Respectful oral, physical, and written communications are a necessity for globally leaders. Many countries have cultural differences and preferences that leaders must know such as, whether or not it is offensive to shake hands, look them in the eyes, and how to address them. A leader should also be open-minded....
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