Chemistry Procedure Lab #6

Chemistry Procedure Lab #6 - o Record weight Escaping KCl...

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Procedure: Analysis of KCIO3-KCl Mixture Obtain sample of KCIO3-KCl mixture o Record the unknown number Place 1/2g of MnO2 into test tube (20cm mL) Clamp test tube at a 45degree angle on the ring stand Heat the MnO2 on the highest heat setting o 5mins Heat the top of the tube to remove any water Allow test tube with substance to cool to room temperature Weigh to maximum accuracy on the balance o Record the mass o Record what balance used Use the same balance for all
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Place KCIO3-KCl unknown mixture in the cool test tube with the MnO2. Mix the two substances o Slap bottom of the test tube with the palm of your hand Mix into grey color IMPORTANT Weight the test tube plus the mixture on the balance
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Unformatted text preview: o Record weight Escaping KCl will appear as a white cloud leaving the test tube Place the glass wool on the mouth of the test tube after the test tube has been weighed. Clamp the test tube at a 45 degree angle on the ring stand and heat contents o If you ever see white smoke, remove from heat and let cool. After 8mins of gentle heating. . Heat on high for about ten minutes Allow temperature to cool at room temperature Weight the test tube o Record the data Reheat again for 10 mins Let cool to room temperature From your data measure the evoloving mass of O2...
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Chemistry Procedure Lab #6 - o Record weight Escaping KCl...

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