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IPE 460 - Therapy question S – RTC and systematic review...

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Lecture Tasks Formulating a Clinical Question February 21 st , 2011 Tasks: Pick two PICOS statements for clinical questions for your choice, and answer the charts. Answers: A 47 year old woman who has recently been experiencing hot flashes and other vasomotor symptoms associated with menopause. She reads an Internet add claiming that soy products help alleviate the hot flashes. She asks if you would recommend adding soy to her diet. P- 47-year-old woman I- soy products C- no comparison O -Primary Alleviates hot flashes -Surrogate Either no surrogate or it would just improve her diet Type of question
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Unformatted text preview: Therapy question S – RTC and systematic review Search: Menopause AND Hot flashes AND vasomotor symptoms AND (soy OR soy products) The coach at a local high school asks you if knee braces prevent knee injuries in adolescent athletes P High school adolescent athletes I Knee Braces C No comparison O-primary reduce knee injuries-surrogate gaining knowledge about adolescent and prevention of knee injuries Type of question Therapy S- RTC and systematic review Search Adolescent AND athletes AND knee braces AND (knee injuries OR injury prevention)...
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