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This sheet is not meant to be an outline of the lecture. It may not include all things that may be on a lecture quiz Saint Louis University - IPE 460 Evidence Based Practice Title: Formulating a Clinical Question: PICOS & Types of Questions Objectives: Upon completion of this unit the student will be able to: 1. Differentiate between foreground and background questions 2. Develop a PICOS statement from a foreground question 3. Describe the differences between primary and surrogate outcomes 4. Identify if an outcome is a primary or surrogate outcome 5. Use PICOS statements to define search concepts 6. Identify the types of study designs used to answer clinical questions related to treatment, diagnosis and prognosis I. Background vs. Foreground Questions A. Background 1. Need for basic information a) Look up in textbook b) Testing a new DX test 2. General, broad based 3. Often answers in texts a) NOVICE (1) DX tests (2) Answers don’t change that greatly over time B.
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