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2nd Paper Original - Ethics 205 Final Assignment #2 In the...

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Ethics 205 Final Assignment #2 In the First Section of Grounding for the Metaphysics of Moral, Kant begins his argument with his beliefs and analysis. Kant’s opinions are much more different than that of the other philosophers we have studied. He does not believe in emotion, motivation, happiness, or desires in life involving moral worth. He is straight and strict about achieving moral worth through the categories of universal and unconditional rationally based moral values. Kant’s case studies show the ability and inability to obtain moral worth through these rationally based ethics. Happiness, desires, and emotion involved in an action are the first elementary topic of Kant’s argument. According to Kant, the purpose of life is not to achieve happiness because seeking pleasure and gratification is unreachable. Kant believes luck is the reason for these topics, and is different from previous philosophers. The debates of emotions cause conflict and debate about moral worth; Kant decided to not allow them at all into his argument. Kant separates being happy and being good in to two different ideas Kant’s Summary of Moral Worth After having a better understanding of the basic beliefs of Kant- it will be easier to understand his standing of moral worth. Good will is a will that acts purely on the basis of duty, with no desires or qualifications included. Kant believes the only actions that count as moral worth, must be preformed for the sake of duty, cancelling any action
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2nd Paper Original - Ethics 205 Final Assignment #2 In the...

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