Ethics-1st Assignment Actions

Ethics-1st Assignment Actions - Philo: Tuesday/Thursday...

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Philo: Tuesday/Thursday 9:30am-10: 45pm Assignment #1 09/28/2010 –Final In 334-323BC Aristotle taught in Athens, more specially, he taught lectures at Lyceum. These documented lecture notes became the backbone to philosophical reasoning and were complied into the book called: The Nicomachean Ethics . Taken from the book directly, Aristotle covered a multitude of topics: “ Virtue and happiness; moral education; the doctrine of the mean; the unity of the virtues; the importance of friendship; the life of contemplation” (Kraut). The book is a long, explanation of Aristotle’s beliefs, however, the topic of responsibly tends to be questioned. Aristotle has a particular view of responsibility, meaning he believed it be defined by our characters- recent philosophers have debated this topic causing my own personal reflection. During the 3 rd book of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, he focuses on identifying under what conditions does one take for their own actions. Aristotle believes that a theoretical, moral, and political are the purposes behind finding the conditions of personal responsibility. Aristotle’s presentation is better understood with his exact lecture notes. Aristotle makes sure he explains the exceptions and regulations of human’s actions. “The willing would seem to be that of which the moving principle is in the agent himself, he being aware of the particular circumstance of the action” (1111a23-24). Voluntary actions, or the willingness to comply will help determine the responsibility of someone. Of course, willingness has to be explained. Aristotle covers a potential rebuttal quickly
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Ethics-1st Assignment Actions - Philo: Tuesday/Thursday...

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