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English Extra Credit - English 150 Portfolio "Advice...

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English 150 Portfolio “Advice for English 150 students” Students have made a great decision; by entering the English 150 class . Students should prepare themselves for a new adventure into writing . This class is designed to tweak style , skills, and freshen up a students writing background before the higher-level classes begin . Taking English 150 not only, improves the students writing but it introduces writing skills and styles the student will use for the rest of their time at Saint Louis University . These styles include writing toward a specific audience and rhetorical situation . The assignments students receive are to pull the student from a particular writing element and change it to a higher level of writing . Not only will this writing form be new for beginner students , but also it will be adapted quickly. The audience , which the student is writing for , tends to be of a higher formality. This helps build the ability to write in such a manner that in a career setting , the student will be familiar with this type of formality. A student will learn the different degrees of formality; sometimes the writing will be
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English Extra Credit - English 150 Portfolio "Advice...

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