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English Personal Reflection

English Personal Reflection - English 150 Reflection Paper...

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English 150 Reflection Paper Looking back on this semester there are many ways I have grown as a writer. At first I was skeptical of the rolling 150 to 190 classes because I thought it would be a waste of time. It turned out to be extremely helpful and joy to be in. I learned new ways to approach the writing process, not only did it make writing papers easy, it helped create well thought out and strong (Evidence-based) papers. I have anyways written historical argumentative papers but writing for an audience and setting a rhetorical situation was completely new to me. The most significant improvement in my writing can be the sense of writing to an audience. When writing a historical argumentative paper, it’s difficult to keep the audience in mind because it’s all about making a point. My audience would only be considered if I was questioning if something made sense. English 150 helped me realize that you can have multiple perspectives for an audience that you have to write too. It was difficult at first, adjusting to this type of writing. My papers started very
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